Ait Bouguemez, une vallée pour l'exemple
Maryse Bergonzat
2009 - 52 min - Vidéo HD - Couleur - France

The Ait Bouguemez Valley in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco is an area well known for its extraordinary natural beauty. This film focuses on a group of inhabitants, a remote Berber community, and their ancient system of communal responsibility for managing and protecting their natural resources.
Harsh environmental conditions have encouraged the use of an indigenous system of communal agricultural management known as ?agdal?. Resources such as forests, pasture and water are shared and carefully managed in a fascinating model of cooperation and environmental sustainability.
This ancient Berber tradition has attracted the attention of French and Moroccan researchers interested in how such a sustainable, communal approach can be utilised to sustain communities while protecting the environment for future generations.
Available also in 43 min.

Author-Director : Maryse Bergonzat
Photography : Jacques Mataly
Sound : Cosmas Antoniadis
Editing : Jérôme Prudent
Original Music : Gilles Carles
Delegate Producer : Polygone Onze
Co-producer : IRD audiovisuel (Institut de recherche pour le développement)
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France
Broadcasting Co-producer : 2M TV - Maroc
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Polygone Onze