Acha Acha Cucaracha : Cucaño strikes again
( Acha Acha Cucaracha : Cucaño ataca otra vez )

Mario Piazza
2017 - 75 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Argentine

English summary
In 1979, at time of a cruel dictatorship, Cucaño emerged in the city of Rosario, Argentina.
A group of experimental art integrated by very young young people, their action gave some light to the ominous darkness of those times. Cucaño's art attacked the cultural foundations of a society that had come to harbour the worst atrocities as if they were "minor evils".
Today Cucaño's work is recovered by researchers and incorporated into the history of political art in Latin America, to the surprise of its own members. Today in their fifties, they reclaim those actions of their first youth and persist, each of them in his/her own way.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Mario Piazza
Image : Cristian Ferreira da Cámara
Son : Ernesto Figge
Montage : Verónica Rossi
Producteur délégué : María Langhi


Distributeur : 52 Jueves Distribución


2017 - Festival international du cinéma indépendant (BAFICI), Buenos Aires (Argentine) : Sélection