A Wasted Sunday
( Zabita nedele )

Drahomíra Vihanova
1969 - 78 min - 35 mm - Noir & Blanc - Tchécoslovaquie

In an arid city at the height of summer, a young officer roams aimlessly looking for something to do. The sleepy summer atmosphere of a military zone from which it is impossible to escape provokes within him a feeling of futility and despair. The man reflects on the life he has led and takes a tragic decision...
Because this fiction film evoked feelings directly connected to the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the film was censored and Drahomíra Vihanová was forbidden to make another fiction film until 1989.

Author-Director : Drahomíra Vihanova
Photography : Zdenek Prchlik, Petr Volf
Sound : Dobroslav Srámek
Editing : Miroslav Hájek
Original Music : Jiri Sust
Delegate Producer : Filmové studio Barrandov


Distributor : Ateliery BontonZlin