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A Normal Life, Please
Tokachi Tsuchiya
2008 - 70 min - DV Cam NTSC - Couleur - Japon

Since 1990, the Japanese government has taken major steps forward to relax labour regulations under the pretext of increased competition in the global market. As a result, there are now more than 16 million irregular workers and conditions in many work environments are rapidly worsening. However, many workers don't even possess basic knowledge about their rights and accept these harsh circumstances.
The subject of this documentary is a cement transport truck driver. On top of working 552 hours a month, he does not get paid overtime, does not receive social insurance benefits and cannot take paid holidays. One day, this seemingly weak-willed young man stands up for himself and demands a normal life...

Author-Director : Tokachi Tsuchiya
Photography : Tokachi Tsuchiya
Sound : Tokachi Tsuchiya
Editing : Tokachi Tsuchiya
Delegate Producer : Tokachi Tsuchiya


Distributor : Tokachi Tsuchiya
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