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A... comme Ayurveda
Dominique Fresne
2005 - 52 min - Digital vidéo - Noir & Blanc - France

Kiran Vyas lives in Normandy since 25 years and has built one of the first ayurvedic centre from Europe. Ayurveda, this ancient Indian science of vital energy is a philosophy and also a five thousand years medicine. It specifies that good health is not absence of sickness but a well-being, a fulfilment and a real cheerfulness.
This movie will be a road movie, leading us from Normandy to the "golden, triangle" of Ayurveda in southern India to understand the own story of a man built in the specificity of the two continents. The contrast between India and Normandy will be a way to look for the "truth" of Ayurevda and to understand what can East learn to the West especially in the domain of the Human relation with body and nature.

Author-Director : Dominique Fresne
Author : Michèle Decoust
Delegate Producer : Grenade productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : Odyssée, la chaîne documentaire
Broadcasting Co-producer : Cityzen télévision
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Grenade productions
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