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Killing Time
Son | Italie | 2018

How long does a day last when you don't know how long you will have to wait? We are in a refugee’s camp near Thessaloniki. A place without time, where people with different pasts share the same suspended present. "Killing Time" is a film about...

Son | Italie | 2014

Who are those who for 25 years oppose the project TAV Turin-Lyon? "Qui (Here)" is the subjective story of 10 men and women who for 25 years oppose the project TAV: who they are, what is the thinking that guides their stubborn rebellion. Gabriella...

Il n'y aura pas la guerre !
Son | Italie | 2008

Zoran, who is twenty-eight, wanders around the city. He recalls his painful childhood as a young Serb, whose father fought in the Bosnian army. In the village Sucesko, the forest ranger Mohamed has his sheep grazing in the very woods where he fled...