Catalogue des films de « Tiiu Karu »

3 films
Multicolored Fairies (The Path of the Paper Streamer)
Montage | Estonie, URSS | 1981

The filmmaker meets children who have been abandoned or placed in an institution, and tries to find out their experiences and their dreams. A humanistic film carried by superb cinematography.

Jaanipäev (La Nuit de la Saint-Jean)
Montage | Estonie | 1978

The devitalisation of cultural life and loss of values due to urbanisation become clear in the forgetting of peasant tradition on Saint John's night.

Adra järel (Derrière la charrue)
Montage | Estonie | 1976

Adopting a cinéma vérité style with two narrators and interviews, the film covers the problems of ageing agricultural machinery, the difficulties of adapting machines to Estonian conditions and the heavy hand of bureaucracy in this situation.