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Happy Âphivoat
Montage | France | 2019

In Cambodia’s countryside, farmers mow with a sickle under the sun. In Phnom Penh, female textile workers demonstrate. "Happy Âphivoat" portrays the country’s development, shifting from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy, and it’s...

Le Grand Bal
Montage | France | 2018

It’s the story of a ball. A big ball. Every summer, more than two thousand people come from all over Europe, to a small town in the French countryside. During seven days and eight nights, people dance again and again, lose the notion of time,...

Gade !
Montage | France, Haïti | 2017

Il y a quatre ans, le photographe Paolo Woods s’est installé en Haïti pour faire un livre sur mon pays. En tant que jeune poète intrigué par sa démarche, j’ai décidé de le suivre pour comprendre son regard et saisir les réactions...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Tchouvaro
Montage | France | 2016

Since almost 20 years, Mathieu Pernot works with the Gorgan's, a sedentary Rom family settled between Arles and Avignon. Further to the death of one of them, he finds his relatives, brothers and sisters, among whom Jonathan is in prison for some...

Vivre avec son œil
Montage | France | 2016

Le jour se lève à peine sur le corps de ferme où vit le photographe Marc Garanger. C’est tout un écosystème qui bruisse à l’unisson du lever du jour, mêlant les photographies et la nature aux paroles du vieil homme. Des violences...

J'avancerai vers toi avec les yeux d'un sourd
Montage | France | 2015

This film is addressed to my friend Vincent, who died ten years ago. Vincent was deaf. He had introduced me to his language, culture and his world. Through his life, a particular story, but which is also that of thousands of other Deaf people, I...

La Visite
Montage | France | 2015

This is the story of an encounter. Between Julie and modern art. Between Julie and I.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Visite – Versailles
Montage | France | 2015

Bobo and Michael Lonsdale are alone in the Château de Versailles. Together, they are walking around this ghostly place of power. The director Pippo Delbono offers a singular journey in this exceptional place.

Examen d'État
Montage | France, Congo Kinshasa (RDC), Sénégal | 2014

In Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo, a group of students is about to sit the exam for their high school diploma. Dieudo Hamadi’s camera films them as they prepare for the exam, from the benches of the school they are regularly expelled...

Révolution Zendj
Montage | Algérie, France, Liban, Qatar | 2013

FICTION Ibn Battuta works as a journalist for an Algerian daily newspaper. While covering community clashes in the south of the country, he finds himself incidentally picking up the trail of long forgotten uprisings against the Abbasid Caliphate,...

14 films