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Signé Dali
Image | France | 2018

Robert Descharnes and his son Nicolas, both art experts, used to work hand in hand with Salvador Dali. During the 80’s, they were responsible for cleaning up the art market from fake Dali paintings. The film shows Nicolas at work, evaluating...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment The Japanese Sandman
Son | France | 2014

"The Japanese Sandman" is a documentary film about a dance marathon staged at the French MAC/VAL museum during the year 2011. This event was inspired by Horace McCoy`s novel "They Shot Horses, don`t they?" and the type of dance marathons popular...

Image | France, | 2013

EXT. Somewhere in Israel. Night. “Rami, you’re looking for Rami? Rami doesn’t exist,” a man says in Arabic. Somebody answers: “But let’s just say he does. Who is he?” This is what the project is all about: not really searching for a...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment D'où ?
Image | France | 2013

Deux réalisateurs et un traducteur (interprète) travaillent au montage d’une archive documentaire, issue des rushes d’un film collectif tourné en Israël et en Cisjordanie en 2011 par de jeunes Français et Israéliens. Dès le tournage,...