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Son | Suisse | 2017

"Un animal qui comme la chauve-souris, est a demi-quadrupède, à demi volatile, et qui n’est en tout ni l’un ni l’autre, est, pour ainsi dire un être monstre..." "Leur mouvement dans l’air est moins un vol qu’une espèce de voltigement...

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Son, Musique originale | Italie | 2016

Like many people of his age, thirteen-year old Gabriele dreams of motorbikes. But this passion for speed finds itself thwarted by his switch into another time. The grazing period is beginning and the hatchling (whose physiognomy he has) is...

Son | Italie, Grèce | 2014

"Hyperion" is an experimental film inspired by Friedrich Hölderlin's eponymous novel. Hyperion's travels in Greece become a journey into the images of Greece, in ancient and current times. The poet's words, included in the novel and Hölderlin's...

The Secret
Son | Italie | 2013

Many neighborhoods in Naples still celebrate the ritual of the bonfires of Saint Anthony in mid January. Kids start collecting firewood after New Year’s, sometimes venturing far from home to look for it. Every group stashes their wood in a...