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Son | Espagne | 2017

This world has always seemed to me to be somewhat strange, somewhat alien to all of my emotions ? Tesa Arranz, a key figure in the 1980's Madrid scene and the lead singer of the "Zombies", has painted over 500 portraits of outer-space creatures.

Pedro M, 1981
Son | Suisse, Espagne | 2015

DOCU-FICTION As a cameraman for Spanish television, Pedro Martin made his name by filming the attempted coup d’état on the Spanish parliament on 23 February 1981. In trying to uncover the secret of her father who disappeared without a trace,...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Une autre maison
Son | France, Espagne | 2015

Juanita a quitté son pays, sa famille, sa maison. Pour faire vivre les siens, elle s’occupe des enfants et des parents des autres. Elle travaille de 8h à 23h et vit chez les particuliers qui l’emploient. Elle est "interna", "muchacha",...

Pas à Genève
Son | Espagne | 2014

5 years ago we formed a collective to make films. We stopped being individuals to become lacasinegra. On July 2011, in the midst of the "indignados" movement in Spain, we were invited to spend a few days in Geneva. Being so far away from...