Catalogue des films de « Jean-Christophe Hym »

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Nul homme n'est une île
Montage | France | 2017

This film is a journey around Europe, from the Mediterranean to the Alps where we discover men and women working locally to bring alive the spirit of democracy and to produce a landscape of good government. From the farmers of Le Galline Felici...

Benda Bilili !
Montage | France | 2010

Ricky has a dream: to make Staff Benda Bilili the best band in Congo Kinshasa. Roger, a street child, more than ever wants to join these stars of the ghetto, who get around in customized tricycles. Together, they must avoid the pitfalls of the...

L'Ingénieur et le Prothésiste
Montage | Suisse | 2010

A cave as refuge for a homeless man, a casino for a penniless soldier of fortune: these two characters, heroes of our time, are Polish migrants in a state of economic survival. Images of a fable torn between regression and endless flight.

Le Temps des grâces
Montage | France | 2009

A documentary investigation of the world of French agriculture today, through various testimonials: farmers, researchers, government employees, writers. A world that manages to resist the upheavals that it faces — economic, scientific, social...

The Cat, the Reverend and the Slave
Montage | France | 2009

Through an encounter with three communities emblematic of the virtual universe that is "Second Life" — Furries, Goreans, and evangelical Christians — the film questions the porosity of real life and virtual life. For these players, the border...

La Tanière
Montage | France | 2008

"A long, long time ago animals alone ruled over the entire world. Times have changed. Now, humanity has taken the reins of the planet. Some folks, however, seem to regret this. These people, or at least some of them, have chosen to dress up as...

Montage | France | 2006

Addicts of "The Sims" game tell off their avatar's life. The players mix up real and virtual life, offering an original representation of a double life.

Cofralandes I - Hoy En Dia (Rapsodia Chilena)
Montage | Chili, France | 2002

First episode. “Far far away is a town / Where the poor leave / Walls of bread / Pillars of cheese / No one spends a penny / No need for shops…”