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Rest In Peace, Mr. Hopper
Image, Montage | Espagne | 2017

In 1970, Dennis Hopper shot The Last Movie in Chinchero (Peru), an enigmatic western about the possibility of an indigenous rebellion against a Hollywood film crew. The film was too experimental for the studios so it has almost never been shown...

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Image | Venezuela | 2013

Helena is a nine years old autistic girl. Gioconda and Eduardo, her parents, worried about the future of their daughter and looking for answers, make a trip starting from some super 8 films about autistic children made in the 70's. This...

Christmas in Icaria
Auteur-Réalisateur, Producteur délégué, Distributeur | Espagne | 2012

In 1848, under the leadership of socialist theoretician and utopian Etienne Cabet, an egalitarian community, the ideal city of Icaria, was founded in Texas. This mysterious “road movie” sets out to investigate an adventure… of which no trace...

A Cow in Heaven
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | Espagne | 2010

Most of the African children who are given in adoption come from Ethiopia. Zacarías was on the verge of being an adopted child in Europe, but he was not. However, as many others, he knows what growing in a distant place means. In 1983, he was...

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Montage | Brésil | 2010

Babás (Nannies) is a documentary film that combines autobiographical elements with a reflection on the presence of nannies in the daily life of countless Brazilian families, approaching a subject quite rare in contemporary audiovisual...