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Dans notre paradis
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | France | 2019

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indira dreams of elsewhere. In France, Mehdina strives to find her place. Whilst the adults seem to be fighting windmills, the kids grow up in a world of their own with ten-year-old Hasan blissfully wandering on the path of...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Qui veut manger des super-héros ?
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | France | 2015

In our daily lives, living secretively amongst us there are heroes, heroes who were born with extraordinary powers. They are not your ordinary super-heroes. They are everywhere, doing a dangerous and sometimes hazardous job. Super-Carrot,...

Le Temps de l'usine
Image | France | 2013

In the 80s, almost overnight, the textile factories of Troyes closed down, in complete silence. While the legacy of this industrial past is barely noticed, the film brings it back to life in its own way: by listening to former factory workers and...

I am Kombi
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Son | France | 2012

Seen by many as a cool and friendly camper van, a lost and confused Kombi VW bus decides to take a trip around the globe in search of his true identity. Seen through the eyes of several different owners of this iconic bus, Kombi stumbles across...

Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2010

Alsace, France. A region with plentiful vineyards, mountains, flourishing forests and picturesque lakes. Population 1,836,000. Castroville-Texas, the United States of America. An ordinary village trapped between Highway 90 and miles of harsh...

Quartier Lafarge
Auteur-Réalisateur, Distributeur | France | 2006

En 1913, la cimenterie Lafarge a construit, à proximité de ses usines de Viviers, une cité pour ses ouvriers. Près de cinq cents personnes vivaient alors sur leur lieu de travail. Aujourd’hui, seules trois personnes occupent encore la cité.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Al Païs
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2006

Film sur l'histoire du barrage de Naussac en Lozère. La construction du barrage a englouti le vieux Naussac qui fut reconstruit plus haut, juste à côté de Langogne. Diverses associations écologistes ont dénoncé la construction de ce barrage...