Catalogue des films de « André Goeffers »

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Image | Belgique | 1963

"Leisure in a big town. What is more boring ? What is more empty and meaningless ? Look at that silly changing of the guard outside the Royal Palace or that movie theater bombastic advertisement, "Adventure is escapism". Consider those deserted...

Déjà s'envole la fleur maigre
Son | Belgique | 1960

Already, the coal mines are starting to shut down, causing unemployment and devastating the traditional economy of the region. In spite of the crisis, families try to face their difficulties, while Italian, Greek or Yugoslavian youngsters go to...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Waterloo
Image | Belgique | 1957

However impressive the site is, however bossy the guides are, visitors of the musée Napoléon listen only absent-mindedly. Does this young lady really care about the tragic destiny of emperor Napoleon or Europe's changing face or isn't she more...