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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Gagner sa vie
Montage | France | 2021

Comment envisager l’avenir depuis le comptoir d’un bar à hôtesse d’une ville de Bolivie ? De la sexualité au service des hommes à la défense du droit des femmes, Marta l’a décidé : elle deviendra avocate, sans pour autant renier son...

Les Orphelins de Sankara
Montage | France | 2018

In 1986, 600 orphans and rural children from Burkina-Faso were sent to Cuba with the mission of learning a trade so they could come back and develop their country, which was undergoing a Revolution. But after the assassination in 1987 of Burkinabe...

La Liberté
Montage | France | 2017

On the island of Corsica, approximatively 130 men are imprisoned in the detention centre of Casabianda for familial sexual offences. Here they spend the last years of their usually long sentences working on the 1,500 acres fields overlooking the...

La Montagne magique
Image | France | 2015

At Potosi, in Bolivia, we find ourselves plunged in the obscure depths of a mine. And this obscurity does not dissipate, or only furtively, yet only in a light made mainly of words. But these words themselves, contrary to many “fi lms of...

Les Portes d'Arcadie
Montage | France | 2015

Men and mainly women from Africa are preparing themselves to the most important step of a very specific asylum procedure: to convince by telling their personal story that they are homosexual and they have been persecuted for it. But it's not...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Quinze Ans
Montage | France | 2015

"Quinze Ans" est un film en 17 plans séquences qui dessinent le portait sensible d'un âge, d'un état. Filmées en plans fixes, à mi-chemin entre le film et la photographie, les séquences laissent la place au langage des corps. En partant de...

Montage | France | 2014

Reconstructing the past: never before has this expression had such literal meaning as in the Republika Srpska, where religious and locals authorities engage, stone by stone, in a disturbing trafficking of remembrance following the 1992-95 war. The...

Montage | France | 2013

In the intimacy of the taxicab, as we cruise the streets of the city, New York’s immigrant taxi drivers tell me their stories. While sketching the outlines of tomorrow’s America, their tales question what it means to try to become who you want...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Full of Missing Links
Montage | Belgique | 2012

Upon arriving in South Korea and in search of a father missing since her childhood, Yoon Sung-A the filmmaker is confronted to a past full of enigmas which her relatives seem unable to solve. This gap motivates her need and her will to...

La Nuit remue
Montage | France | 2012

"On the screen, black melts into the obscurity of night, where voices rise up – the voices of young Afghan migrants somewhere on the edge of a Paris, more guessed at than real. Bijan Anquetil plunges us into their nocturnal world, into their...

13 films