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Montage | France, Italie | 2013

"Daniela de Felice films her mother preparing to move from the family house, in which the father, who died in 1997, is cruelly absent. The final inventorying is complicated by hazy memories of the father’s death and begins to resemble a ritual...

L'Été de Giacomo
Auteur-Réalisateur | Italie, France | 2011

Giacomo is an eighteen years old deaf boy. In a small village in Northeast Italy, where the plain precedes the sea, Giacomo has just taken his high school diploma and he attends the event which will change his life: an operation that shall enable...

Le Jardin des Merveilles
Image | France | 2011

A unique and magic vegetable garden behind prison walls. Incarcerated women working in a garden by the lagoon in Venice?This is a story of women, herbs and vegetables? The women's prison on Giudecca, one of the islands south of Venice, has an...

Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Montage | Belgique | 2008

"Jagdfieber" – The hunting fever is a mood. We come back as animals as the beast we are looking for. It’s a pursue, a quest during life’s seasons.