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Montage | Argentine | 2016

English summary At the foot of los Andes in Patagonia, Camilo Peña is an old gaucho suffering from an illness that is leading him resolutely to blindness. In spite of knowing that sooner or later, his worsening condition will lead him to the edge...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment An applause to he who lives
Montage | Espagne | 2015

English summary This is the story of an ordinary man who decided to become a pastor because a "miracle" cured his mother of a terminal cancer, and did his alcoholic and violent father stop drinking. It is also the story of six people in...

Dear Mara, Letters from a Trip through Patagonia
Montage | Argentine | 2007

"Ces lettres sont celles d’un travailleur saisonnier à sa femme. Parti pendant six mois travailler dans les grandes fermes de Patagonie, sur la "route de la laine", il y relate son quotidien : d’interminables voyages, tassé au fond d’un...