Fly Beyond the Clouds
Emma Baus
2010 - 80 min - HDV - Couleur - France

Sky and space have always been on my dreams. I learned how to pilot before driving. But with each new covered kilometre, I can feel the oil consumption. And I wonder: how are aerospace lovers dealing with this contradiction between fly pleasure and ecological guiltiness? To answer this question, I take the direction of Toulouse, the French capital of aerospace industry.
Mixing science with poetry, "Fly beyond the clouds" is an encounter puzzle threw Toulouse main aeronautics enterprises : Airbus, Airport, Space Centre…
As the interviews succeed, we realize that we are living on the small planet earth in a finish world with limited resources.

Author-Director : Emma Baus
Photography : Edmond Carrère
Editing : Jessica Menendez
Original Music : Fabien Bourdier
Delegate Producer : 504 Productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : Télé Toulouse
Contribution : CNC. COSIP


Distributor : 504 Productions
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