Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Doc Route: Italy Crumbling Houses

Crumbling Houses ( Visioni di case che crollano )
Gianni Celati
2003 - Italie - Couleur - 61'

The Pô valley is marked by the sad and lifeless landscape of old abandoned farms. These ruined buildings, reflecting the decline of a formerly flourishing peasant society, have become an integral part of the countryside. Amid this setting, a few inhabitants recount their traditions, the links they have with the region and what encourages them to stay. The patient observation of these people, their environment and the objects of their rural activities reveal a certain texture of daily life.

Author : Gianni Celati, John Berger
Photography : L. Borsetti, F. Crosara, M. Fabbri, F. Logullo, P. Muran, G. Rossi, M. Signorini
Sound : Francesco Logullo
Editing : Lamberto Borsetti
Production : Pierrot e la Rosa - Stefilm
Distribution : Vitagraph (vitagraph@libero.it, +39 051267150)