Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Rescreenings Snack-bar Aquário

Snack-bar Aquário
Sergio da Costa
2010 - Suisse - Couleur - 37'

The filmmaker follows the ordinary daily activities in a Portuguese café. We are slowly immersed into the atmosphere of the place, full of boredom and loneliness, without ever leaving. The café itself, the human characters, and two télévision sets that are switched on permanently... In that place, time seems not to pass by at all; it is however sometimes marked by the presence of death.

Photography : José Coelho, Ulrich Fisher
Sound : Elsa Ventura, Gregory Pache, Maya Kosa, Adrien Kessler
Editing : Sergio da Costa, Telmo Churro
Production : Head
Distribution : Sergio da Costa (sergiodc@ymail.com)