Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Doc Route: Czech Republic — And a detour by Slovakia Martin-Lisabon

Adam Ol\'ha
2007 - République tchèque - Noir & Blanc - 20'

On a background of short impressions captured on Black and White 8mm camera, two stories of partnership failures intertwine: the director breaks up with his girlfriend and after a marriage lasting years, his father leaves the family. The landscape of distant Portugal is the site of a family therapy, where the mother returns to the roots of a misunderstanding while her son takes restless shots of the city and the sea seen as the emotional reality pointing to the ambiguity of the reality. The congealing images form a background for a contemplation on love and the film becomes love's own self-reflecting conscience.

Photography : Adam Ol\'ha
Sound : Adam Ol\'ha
Editing : Adam Ol\'ha
Production : Famu
Distribution : Famu (vera.hoffmannova@famu.cz, + 420 234 244 440)