Les États généraux du film documentaire 2018 Reruns Kinshasa Makambo

Kinshasa Makambo
Dieudo Hamadi
2018 - France, République démocratique du Congo, Allemagne, Suisse, Norvège - Couleur - 70'

Christian, Ben and Jean-Marie are fighting for political change of power and free elections in their country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the incumbent President refuses to relinquish power. How can the course of events be changed? Must they join forces with the historical opposition leader and his powerful party? Is dialogue still possible or must they resign themselves to a popular uprising and the risk of a blood bath?

Photography : Dieudo Hamadi
Sound : Dieudo Hamadi
Editing : Hélène Ballis
Production : Les Films de l’œil sauvage, Mutotu Productions, Bärbel Mauch film, Alva films, Flimmer Films, RTS, ARTE France, Aljazeera