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Kha-chee-pae ( Chačipe )
Miroslav Janek
2005 - République tchèque - Couleur - 58'

In the children's hands, the movie camera breaks down the barriers between two worlds. It is a toy, but also a tool for communicating joy, sorrow, and secrets. Miroslav Janek investigates life in a children’s home by means of play. He invites the kids to become his filmmaking partners: he teaches them how to operate a movie camera, and encourages them to film the environment in which they live.

Photography : Miroslav Janek
Sound : Tomáš Kubec, Michael Míček
Editing : Tonika Janková
Production : Verbascum, s. r. o.
Distribution : Verbascum, s. r. o. (verbascum@email.cz, +420 224 930 077)