Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Doc Route: Czech Republic — And a detour by Slovakia Jan Vladislav

Jan Vladislav
Kateřina Krusová
2006 - République tchèque - Couleur - 50'

In 1981, Jan Vladislav, Czech poet, writer and translater was forced into exile by the Communist regime for his political positions and the creation of a clandestine publishing house. He moved to Paris with his wife. In 2003, he began to prepare for his return to Prague. The director accompanied these preparations as she discussed with the author. A year later, she found him in Sicily, their dialogue recommenced around existential questions. The young filmmaker here invents a film which has become a land of asylum for both the poet and herself.

Photography : Braňo Pažitka
Sound : Petr Kaláb, Petr Blažek
Editing : Václav Rejholec, Petr Kout
Production : Famu
Distribution : Famu (vera.hoffmannova@famu.cz, + 420 224 220 955)