Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions Instructions pour une prise d'armes

Instructions pour une prise d'armes
Laurent Krief
2013 - France - Couleur - 60'

"In this 'How to take up arms' class, the teacher has been for a whole academic year the ignorant director of a debut film . The spectator shall be warned in these lines: this film (a course) or this course (a film) will be lead by the very idea of communism. First lesson before we begin: we will not teach you how, when, or even why one should take up arms — to extract ourselves from helplessness facing the tragedy we are attending or to escape our part of victim in this tragedy — merely this commandment: let's take up arms in the tragedy where Globalization now stands for Reality in our lives." (Laurent Krief)

Photography : Laurent Krief
Sound : Laurent Krief
Editing : Laurent Krief
Production : Laurent Krief (lkrief@hotmail.com)