Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Thomas Ciulei God plays Sax, the Devil Violin

God plays Sax, the Devil Violin ( Dumnezeu la saxofon, Dracu la vioara )
Alexandra Gulea
2004 - Allemagne - Couleur - 45'

Sketch of life within a Romanian psychiatric institution, where the patients have formed a kind of closed society. The three hundreds inhabitants, some living twelve to a room, become friends, they get married and split up again. Coffee and cigarettes are the official currency. The mutual barter trade and helpfulness is only interrupted for medication, sleep and food. The film, shot in a cinema-vérité style, forms an impressive witness to man's urge to survive.

Photography : Thomas Ciulei
Sound : Andreas Bolm
Editing : Alexandra Gulea
Production : Ciulei Films
Distribution : Ciulei Films (ciuleifilms@compuserve.com, +49 89 395 178 )