Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Guy Sherwin Filter Beds

Filter Beds
Guy Sherwin
1990-1998 - Royaume-Uni - Noir & Blanc - 9'

“Images of reeds, wires, birds and trees emerge and disappear as attention shifts from one plane to another.” (G.S.) “A delicate study of a tangle of scrub and trees. A very shallow depth of field causes branches and stalks of wild grasses to emerge and disappear as Sherwin racks focus, settling on the jet planes sweeping across an impossibly distant sky. The soft rich grain of the muted image lends it a dreamlike timelessness.” (Brian Frye)

16 mm projection

Photography : Guy Sherwin
Sound : Guy Sherwin
Editing : Guy Sherwin
Production : Guy Sherwin