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Entre ici et là-bas
Alexia Bonta
2013 - Belgique - Couleur - 48'

A nursing and specialised care home for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Anna, Madame Lemaire, Dorothée, Madame Des Rides, Madame La Marquise are at the hairdresser's. The face of a woman losing her memory. Other faces. “Tchack... tchack...” To the rhythm of the clipping scissors, time passes, breaks, tears, zigzags, falls, tapers off. On the line. To the rhythm of the clipping scissors, words, gestures, looks, moments of revolt and anger, a mimic, a poem... A film of faces. Their faces.

Photography : Miléna Trivier, Emilie Gueret
Sound : Bruno Schweissguth, Sarah Gouret, Loic Villot
Editing : Luc Plantier
Production : Iota production, CBA
(promo@cbadoc.be, +32 2 227 22 34)