Les États généraux du film documentaire 2018 Procirep


Lussas is a tiny point on the map of France, but for a few days, it becomes a vibrant heart of the world of documentary. Authors, producers, broadcasters, students and technicians come together here, between camping on the farm and summer university, to debate, watch, exchange, and bring alive documentary creation, be it French or international.
Lussas has become more than an event for documentary filmmakers: a site of life and discussion irrigated by documentary, a time to refresh our inspiration and reflection on what is happening to us. Cultivating the sharing of experiences and of the tools they have developed, the États généraux du film documentaire display the values of solidarity, collective action, free and independent creation from which the young generations of filmmakers will be able to find nourishment.
For all these reasons, the Procirep is proud to continue its support of this fine event.
We wish to all participants a vibrant and creative 2018 edition.

Caroline Roussel
President of the Procirep Television Commission