Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Story of a production: Les Films du bilboquet

Story of a production: Les Films du bilboquet

Thursday, 24 at 2:30 pm, Salle Cinéma

I founded Les Films du Bilboquet with the desire to accompany films lying at the limits of genres, forms, subjects and disciplines.
With the authors, directors, technicians, we envisage our films guided by the idea that what counts is also the use that will be made of them, and the vision at the service of which you try to make documentary cinema evolve.
Being at once attentive and stimulated by a certain atmosphere of our time, I try to construct a catalogue where the films resonate with each other and create an ensemble by themselves. Often, the films seem to dialogue with one another without giving the impression that this resulted from a conscious decision. In our company, this dialogue was also initiated and reinforced through cinematic ways of looking from Europe, crossing others from Africa. A cinematic coherence and ambition are sketched out by the sometimes difficult choices that I take full responsibility for making. And in all cases, I strive to keep in mind that film production is indeed truly a game: a game of skill.
Every Wall Is a Door is the first film I chose to produce for the company. With Elitza Gueorguieva, we initiated and invented the roles we played. The title of this first film in its way set the editorial policy for Les Films du Bilboquet.
In keeping with Elitza’s film, I would say that the cinematography I am trying to defend and promote questions cinema as it is being made. It is both extremely personal and yet speaks to us all. It is searching for renewed forms while never forgetting that there is a story to tell.

Eugénie Michel-Villette

In the presence of Eugénie Michel-Villette.