Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Story of a production: Seppia

Story of a production: Seppia

Tuesday, 22 at 3:00 pm, Salle Cinéma

Our commitment is to produce documentaries with international ambition for television, cinema and new media out of Strasbourg, Europe’s capital. The films in production or completed, their careers in France and internationally, are the proof that the insistence on high quality and universality with which we produce our films is finally bearing fruit. These films have a long life after their production, are selected in numerous festivals and are widely shown on screens, well beyond our frontiers. We have a heart-felt attachment to all the films we defend. We have built our solid economic viability by producing, at equally high standards, documentary cinema by radically engaged authors, prime-time docu-drama films like Gutenberg, l’aventure de l’imprimerie, documentary series, magazines, and also by providing post-production services, films for museums and institutions as well as productions in virtual reality. We do not rank our products in any hierarchy. We give the same value to productions as different as Gutenberg and Braguino. This balance makes it possible to hold onto our committed and extremely skilled collaborators, to be innovative and ambitious for our productions, and to take risks when necessary. And to produce Bielutine and Braguino, we had to take risks and convince our partners that we were strong enough and that they had to take them with us, for we were shooting in environments where access was difficult and with no guarantee of success: the biggest adventure of these projects remained the capacity to film the complexity of human relationships… But our mutual trust always allowed Clément Cogitore and I to find the right crew and the right production framework, to keep sight of the desire and the vision of the film we were making, so as to successfully capture in the end a cinematic plunge into the universe of these characters.

Cédric Bonin

In the presence of Cédric Bonin.