Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 August Encounters

August Encounters

From Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 in Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron, behind closed doors.

In its eighteen years of existence, never has the call for projects for the August Encounters been such a success. At the end of long discussions, finally twelve director-producer pairs were selected again for this year’s session.
We would have liked to have had more – there was no lack of choice – but that would have been at the expense of the very principle of these meetings, which emphasize, in spite of the density of the schedule, the time given to time, discussion, reflection. As every year, the first day will consist of a workshop led by Serge Gordey, Céline Loiseau, Raphaël Pillosio and, for the first time and to our great joy, Sophie Salbot. Over the next two days, the pairs will move from table to table all over the village of Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron for 45 minutes of in-depth discussion of their project with pairs of readers drawn from some fifteen representatives of the profession (commissioning editors, broadcasters, distributors, VOD platform directors, etc.) and institutions – all essential people in the sector. More informal discussions will take place during the meals taken together or over the evening aperitif… At the end of these three intense and friendly days, the projects will have been questioned, shaken, reaffirmed. In the following months, many of them will become films and the network of young authors and producers of creative documentary will have been strengthened. These meetings would not be possible without the work of the teams at Ardèche images, and particularly this year, of Karolina Błaszyk and Julie Douet Zingano from the École documentaire.

Thanks to them and a great meeting to everyone!

Chantal Steinberg

The selected projects:

Ainarak (Les Hirondelles)
Iztiar Leemans et Placido Sanchez, produit par Aldudarrak Bideo, coproduit par Maluta Films

Arab et Tarzan
Guillaume Kozakiewiez, produit par Les 48ème Rugissants Production

Et tu seras un homme, mon fils
Guillaume Suon, produit par Tipasa Production, coproduit par Anti-Archive

Il était une fois en Artois
Maxence Voiseux, produit par Les Docs du Nord et Alter Ego Production

Rares Ienasoaie, produit par Société Acéphale

Sarah Mallégol, produit par Bobi Lux

Laurent, le Mur et Berlin
Guillaume Fontaine, produit par Novanima

L’homme qui peint les gouttes d'eau
Oan Kim et Brigitte Bouillot, produit par Paraiso Production

La Maison
Mali Arun, produit par The Kingdom

Nearly Famous
Laëtitia Déchambenoit, produit par Folle Allure

Pas une de moins
Isabelle Solas, produit par Dublin Films

Texas Trip
Steve Balestreri et Maxime Lachaud, produit par Le-loKal Production, coproduit par Tobina Film