Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Procirep


The Procirep (French Society of Producers for Cinema and Television) is happy and proud to have supported the États généraux du film documentaire at Lussas over the last twenty years.
Lussas is that little Ardèche village where each year authors, viewers, creators, producers, distributors, students and technicians converge, eager to exchange, debate, share experiences concerning documentary creation, either French or international.
Lussas, well before others, was able to reconcile the local and the global, to stimulate and organise the sharing of knowledge beyond all frontiers, real or imagined.
Lussas has multiplied its initiatives because it has been capable of innovating, inventing tools that allow that sharing, which is also a cross-fertilization in its most practical and concrete sense.
Lussas is thus the beating heart at the centre of a network spun through the Saint-Laurent professional meetings, the Master’s in Creative Documentary, the Maison du doc, the Tënk platform.
More than a festival for documentary filmmakers, the États généraux are a site of life and exchange irrigated by documentary, a moment to refresh inspiration and renew thinking about what is happening to us.
We wish to all its participants a fine and rich 2017 edition of the festival.

Caroline Roussel
Chairperson, Television Commission