Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Sacem day

Sacem day

The Sacem (French Society of Music Creators, Composers and Publishers) takes great pleasure in renewing each year its partnership with, and participation in, the Lussas États généraux du film documentaire.
Because an audiovisual work of art is as much heard as seen, music plays an essential role at the very heart of the creative process. Intimately connected to the image, the original soundtrack contributes to the film’s identity, its rhythm, the intensity of the emotions it transmits. Indeed, there are numerous mythical composer-director partnerships that have marked the history of French cinema: Jacques Demy and Michel Legrand, Georges Delerue and François Truffaut, Vladimir Cosma and Gérard Oury…
Our society includes among its members a large number of authors and composers who produce music for cinema or audiovisual works, as well as writer-directors.
Fully committed to defending their interests, the Sacem is present each year among the different indispensable meeting points of audiovisual creation, such as the États généraux du film documentaire at Lussas. We strive to stimulate professional gatherings and to highlight the contribution made by music.
This twenty-ninth edition of the Lussas États généraux du film documentaire will certainly allow the public to discover fascinating stories tucked away between the notes, words and images. We are proud and happy to welcome for their third collaboration director Antoine Danis and composer Sylvain Marty, who will be our guests of honour along with the indispensable French trumpetist Jean-Luc Cappozzo. The composer Gréco Casadesus will present the 2017 prize for best musical documentary to the directors Hubert Dubois and Pierre Befve for their documentary My Life as a Double Bass, to be screened as the finale of the Sacem day.
Best wishes for a fine festival to all!

Jean-Claude Petit
Composer and conductor
President of the Sacem Board of Governors

A day with...

This day is the story of a meeting between Sylvain Marty, composer, and myself, a filmmaker.
Sylvain and I have known each other since our late teens and our friendship grew specially while listening to John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, and others. We spent hours discussing the timbre of such and such a musician, the swing of a particular drummer or the architecture of some composition… We roamed the festival circuit on the lookout for new groups or musicians that we went to hear in somebody’s courtyard, at the bottom of a valley or in some other unlikely place. So-called improvised music – derived from American Free Jazz – opened up new territories to us: horizontal and composerless music, exploration of new acoustic sounds often somewhere between a noise and a note, music driven more by feeling or energy than by a melody or a theme… It was a territory of freedom and exploration. Like a first love, it left its mark on both of us. For me, this music was a decisive source of inspiration for my cinematic style. It gave me the desire to build a musical cinema where feeling, precisely, would be given its full weight, and in which sound and music would mix together and nourish each other. It is with this idea that I imagined and directed Traversées, my first short film, in which the sounds of ice skates mix with Jean-Luc Cappozzo’s trumpet.
As for Sylvain, improvised music led him to the possibility of thinking of music as a chaotic phenomenon; his work as a composer strives to create audio ecosystems opening up possibilities to develop heterogeneous materials.
Our day is divided into two periods: the morning will be devoted to this music and the way it was able to inspire documentary cinema with a concert by Sylvain Marty and Jean-Luc Cappozzo followed by the projection of the film Step Across the Border by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel. In the afternoon, we will screen Niérika and Athens Rhapsody, films on which Sylvain and I worked together.

Antoine Danis

The Collective Screening Room can be made available to music composers wishing to present their works to directors or producers.
Advance registration at the video library required.

Encounter led by François Waledisch (to be confirmed).
In the presence of Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Antoine Danis and Sylvain Marty.