Les États généraux du film documentaire 2016 Story of a Production – Athénaïse

Story of a Production – Athénaïse

Wednesday, 24 at 10:00 am, Salle des fêtes

I have never managed to organise things at Athénaïse so that films follow one another, nor that at any given moment, different projects be at differing stages of production. No continuum.
Thus when a film is finished, the fall into nothingness... Why carry on and how? In which directions to look? How to find reasons to get going again, how to generate once again the sort of enthusiasm which prevailed at the birth of the little last one?
Over the years of production adventures and experience, of drawing up evaluations – positive as well as negative – I've tried to set myself some rules, build a kind of safeguard to help me choose and bring about new projects.
Time is flying by. Avoiding mistakes becomes a source of anxiety, turns into a necessity. What is at stake is as much the success of the film to come as the quality and riches of the path leading to it.
Receiving a project which immediately gives the impression of being a gift is something rare. That this impression should last all along the production process and up to the presentation of the film to the public is even rarer.
I have had this experience with On Call by Alice Diop.
I desired, needed to produce this film.
We propose to watch On Call together with you, use it as a starting point to reflect on a producer's career, a certain way of being, and attempt to sketch in the future.

Sophie Salbot

In the presence of Sophie Salbot.