Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Media


Europe loves European Festivals

A privileged place for meetings, exchanges and discovery, festivals provide a vibrant and accessible environment for the widest variety of talent, stories and emotions that constitute Europe’s cinematography.

The MEDIA Programme of the European Union aims to promote European audiovisual heritage, to encourage the transnational circulation of films and to foster audiovisual industry competitiveness. The MEDIA Programme acknowledges the cultural, educational, social and economic role of festivals by co-financing every year almost one hundread of them across Europe.

These festivals stand out with their rich and diverse European programming, networking and meeting opportunities for professionals and the public alike, their activities in support of young professionals, their educational initiatives and the importance they give to strengthening inter-cultural dialogue. In 2011, the festivals supported by the MEDIA Programme have programmed more than forty thousand screenings of European works to nearly three million cinema-lovers.

MEDIA is pleased to support the twenty-fourth edition of the États généraux du film documentaire at Lussas and we extend our best wishes to all of the festival goers for an enjoyable and stimulating event.