Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Conseil général de l'Ardèche

Conseil général de l'Ardèche

Les États généraux du film documentaire, having become over the years a Doc University, brings together professionals and amateurs around the aesthetic, ethical and economic issues of documentary film.
The culmination of work carried out all year long by the association Ardèche Images — through activities like Africadoc, documentary teaching, la Maison du Doc... — les États généraux offers over several days an environment conducive to cultural engagement and artistic encounters in an atmosphere that is both studious and convivial.
Ardèche is proud to be home and partner of this non competitive festival that privileges diversity of creation as well as the questioning of our society. It is entirely in line with the policy carried out by the Ardèche Conseil général in favour of recognising the value and promoting the development of visual arts: image education and consciousness, professional and academic training, support for creation, the establishment of resource centers, accompanying associations and events...
Once again this year, the États généraux du film documentaire, attentive to the evolution of the world, has chosen a pertinent principal theme, the role of criticism. I am convinced that Lussas will offer once more a space for reflection and discovery in which creative documentary will be able to thrive in its differences.

To all festival goers, I wish fruitful encounters and a pleasant stay in Ardèche.

Pascal Terrasse
President of the General Council of Ardèche
Deputy of Ardèche