Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 CNC


Offering matter for the eyes and for the mind, that is the promise made each year by the États généraux du film documentaire at Lussas and brilliantly fulfilled each year.

Our annual review of the documentary market in 2011 proves once again the vitality of the sector with two thousand, seven hundred and forty-nine hours of audiovisual documentary production including thirty-seven feature films granted a distribution licence. The public's appetite for the genre is confirmed with more than eight million televiewers, more than one point three million box office tickets and two point four million videos sold. This is the context in which the CNC once again associates with Lussas to propose the exploration of new territories of the documentary planet: animated documentary and musical creation.

Our partnership is coherent with recent initiatives taken by the CNC in favour of musical creation in film such as support for pedagogy with the networking of schools of film and music, financing bursary residences for young talents and the reinforcement of aid for music in short, feature and animated film. These measures follow the report by the composer Marc-Olivier Dupin on ways to improve the role of music in film, television and video games.

The CNC is continuing its review of the support mechanisms for documentary in the light of the report compiled by Serge Gordey, Catherine Lamour, Jacques Perrin and Carlos Pinsky, Le Documentaire dans tous ses états, launched in part during the 2010 États généraux and which was submitted to the Minister of Culture and Communication last April. After a round of discussions with all the actors of the sector — creators, producers, distributors — proposals aimed at taking into account the different types of documentary creation will be made in September.

Spaces of screening and reflection like Lussas are vital for all those involved in making films. I wish to salute the exceptional work carried out by the team of Etats généraux du film documentaire and to thank them for their useful and generous committment.

Éric Garandeau
President of the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC)