Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Live Music

Live Music

Cloture concert

Onda Maracatú: Saturday, 25, midnight, place of the Green bar

Onda Maracatú explores the musical richness of Nordeste, where most of the original and traditional Brazilian rhythms, resulting from the crossing of Amerindian, African and Portuguese rhythms, originated and where they have also been carried on: maracatú, côco, boï, ciranda, caboclinho...
Variegated and colorful, soulful or exhilarating, these rhythms are served by traditional percussions (alfaia, caixa, agbé…) and accompanied with songs, thus creating a hot, heady atmosphere that reminds of carnival fever in Recife.

Apéritif-concerts, in the week

Akoustik Jazz: Tuesday, 21 and Friday, 24, at 7:00 pm, Green bar

Akoustik Jazz Trio performs only with acoustic instruments, without any amplifier, so that the audience can enjoy both the sound level and the natural sound quality of the instruments. In this micro group, the essence of music is concentrated: string bass for the root, drums for the rhythm, and trumpet for the melody. Their repertoire is mainly made up of French and American standards from the swing and be-bop eras.

Telmonius Monk: Wednesday 22, 11:30 pm, Green bar (You, the night... and the music),
Saturday 25, 01:30 am : Saturday Night Fever

Music of character for a musical journey, sometimes without sense, which will however indulge to surprise you.

Les Vilains Chicots : Vendredi 24, 00h30, Blue bar
Les Vilains Chicos c'est un peu des nymphos jeunes, des lapins bruts, des testas rock n' roll, des mous mélodieux, des finespô survoltées, des muses viriles, des plaies mobiles responsables...