Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Animated Documentary

Animated Documentary

Tuesday, 21, 2:45 pm, Room 3

This year, in order to continue the activities of workshops on the process of documentary development initiated at Lussas six years ago, a film being made and already presented in a 2009 workshop on its development will be screened and discussed in the presence of director and producer: Jasmine, a feature length animated documentary directed by Alain Ughetto and produced by Les Films du Tambour de Soie (Alexandre Cornu). This film received support in 2008 for reinforced development (in the framework of the CNC's Aid Fund for Audiovisual Innovation for Creative Documentary).
Launched experimentally in 2008 by the CNC in concert with the Network of Documentary Organisations (ROD), reinforced development aid has as its goal to support the most creative and singular projects which, in order to convince financial partners and in particular broadcasters and distributors, must go beyond the stage of the script. This aid is used to finance the shooting and preliminary editing of a limited number of projects. The mechanism will be prolonged in 2012.
During the first part of the programme will be screened a short animated documentary Madagascar, a Journey Diary directed by Bastien Dubois and produced by Sacrebleu Productions (Ron Dyens), supported by the CNC's short film aid fund in 2008. This film gave rise to a series commissioned by Arte, Carnets de voyage, of which we will see the trailer. We will also discover the pilot for a projected series Chroniques animales directed by Serge Élissalde and Stéphane Quinson and produced by Je Suis Bien Content (Marc Jousset) also aided in 2008 by the CNC's reinforced development fund.
Animated documentary is a genre which has developed vigorously these last years and has produced some remarkable films. The workshop will take stock of the different styles used.

Chroniques animales
Directors: Serge Élissalde and Stéphane Quinson
Production: Je Suis Bien Content (Marc Jousset)

Project for a series of animated documentaries: 40 x 2'
Since the beginnings of time, the animal world has developed some singular techniques and astonishing strategies to reproduce and survive. Mixing humour and fantasy with scientific content, these Chroniques animales propose in a series of brief episodes the unexpected stories of the animal kingdom.
The resolutely purified graphics by Serge Élissalde evoke at once children's art, cave paintings and the works of Klee, Miro or Kandinsky.
The series, curious and inventive, aims to create an image capable of matching the incredible ingenuity of nature.

Coordination : Workshop moderated by Valentine Roulet (CNC).

Guests : With the participation of Alain Ughetto (director) and Alexandre Cornu (producer).