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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Doc Route: Portugal The Foreigner

The Foreigner ( O Estrangeiro )
Ivo Marques Ferreira
2010 - Portugal - Couleur - 18'

A character almost absent from the image searches, in 2009’s Macao, for the Foreigner character, someone who lived there fifteen years before. Helped by the letters written to him by the Foreigner during that period, he tries to find his lost friend reconstituting all that he imagined. Thus, he traces in the present, the trails the Foreigner left in the past, while creating remnants of a new absence.

Photography : Susana Gomes, Márcio Loureiro
Sound : Ricardo Ceitil
Editing : Sandro Aguilar
Production : Ivo Marques Ferreira
Distribution : Agencia da Curta Metragem-Villa do Conde (agencia@curtas.pt, +351 252 646 683)