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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Doc Route: Germany La Mort et le Diable

La Mort et le Diable ( Tod und Teufel )
Peter Nestler
2009 - Suède/Allemagne - Noir & Blanc - 54'

"Between The Magnificent Ambersons and Unreconciled, the edifying and dismaying story of Count Eric Von Rosen, a Swedish explorer and anthropologist, Göring's brother-in-law, supporter of the counter-revolution in Finland and of Nazism in Germany, and the filmmaker's maternal grandfather. What connection is there between a taste for travelling, an undisputed curiosity for the traditions and arts of Black Africa, Bolivia's Chaco Indians and fascism? In the Andes, Eric von Rosen only felt comfortable with a gun in his shoulder strap for, as the Edda taught, a man without his spear is nothing." (Yann Lardeau)

Photography : Peter Nestler
Sound : Franz Bielefeld
Editing : Dieter Reifarth
Production : Kintopp HB (peter.nestler2@comhem.se)