Catalogue des films de « Stefan Ivanov »

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Et le bal continue
Image | France | 2015

Considered the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe, Bulgaria plans to enter the Eurozone in the coming years. Film maker Gueorgui Balabanov looks at his country through a magnifying glass and paints a baroque portrait of the Bulgarian Dolce...

Le Mystère Atlit Yam, 10 000 ans sous les mers
Image | 2013

The Levant is one of the most important pathways taken by our common ancestors before trekking to the rest of the world. But the most precious treasure of the region was found under the sea Not far from a Crusader?s fortress, itself erected on top...

Achever l'inachevable
Image | Canada (Québec) | 2007

In 1956 Dutch artist Maurits C. Escher challenged the laws of perspective with his graphic Print Gallery, and found himself trapped by an impossible barrier. His uncompleted master-piece quickly became the most puzzling enigma of modern art, for...