Catalogue des films de « Sébastien Godefroy »

3 films
Athenian Material
Image | France | 2021

In Athens, in the midst of the Greek crisis, Thomas, environmentalist, Kadir, ragpicker, Aphanassia, gypsy scrap metal and Yannis, dumpster driver, lead us into another world: that of waste which proliferates at the rate of our...

L'Âcre Parfum des immortelles
Image | France | 2019

A story of passionate love – born in the hollow of dunes in the Landes, until death put a premature end to it – intertwines with the mad hope raised by May 68. I go back into my own past to seek out the rebel figures that populated my films:...

Une cheffe et sa bonne étoile
Image | Belgique, France | 2016

When the chef Isabelle Arpin joins the restaurant "Alexandre", she knows that only a star to the guide Michelin can save it. During the months, which precede and follow the announcement of stars, the documentary follows the ascent of a chef woman...