Catalogue des films de « Romain Girard »

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La Folie en prison
Image | France | 2011

This film takes a rare glimpse at the harsh and disturbing reality of mental illness amongst prison inmates. It looks at the different types of disorders, the way in which mental illness is dealt with by prison staff and the courses of treatment...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Mad in France
Montage | France | 2009

Relevant du même principe que les précédents opus en Chine et en Inde ("Mad in China" en 2007 et "Mad in India" en 2008), "Mad in France" est une production du collectif Tendance floue : douze regards simultanés sur un territoire donné. Ces...

PAS DE FOT DISPO La Prise de l'Élysée
Image | France | 2007

Everything you always wanted to know about the French presidential campaign... Serge Moati and his teams spent four months filming the four main candidates and once again give us a different angle of vision, an often funny and offbeat look at this...