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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Kustavi
Son | Belgique | 2015

During the summer in Kustavi, a little Finnish village, the sun never sets. Riikka invited me to the place she was raised. She wants to make her father and brothers talk, or rather for me to film their mutism. She went there to confront the...

Son | Belgique | 2012

June 2008. Jeremie and I take the road for a 3-month journey going south, along the West Coast of the USA. Along the way, we encounter American citizens, drawing the portrait of a country. Wavering between faith and disillusion, American citizens...

Saint-Marcel, tout et rien voir
Son | Belgique, France | 2008

A thriller about two women’s relationship, bound by the degenerating illness of one of them, who is blind and slowly dying. In this ‘in camera’ with a Fantastic film atmosphere, the Director finds himself cornered between reality and...