Catalogue des films de « Philippe Lecocq »

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Signé Dali
Son | France | 2018

Robert Descharnes and his son Nicolas, both art experts, used to work hand in hand with Salvador Dali. During the 80’s, they were responsible for cleaning up the art market from fake Dali paintings. The film shows Nicolas at work, evaluating...

Blanche Rhapsodie
Son | France | 2016

Le "21 rue Blanche" à Paris est un hôtel très particulier, construit pour Paul Choudens éditeur de musique en 1901. Il a abrité à partir de 1944 l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT). Depuis 1997,...

Son | France | 2011

In a world of one-way traffic, where the northern countries are exporting their economic and political model worldwide, one country in Latin America has undertaken a profound reform of these models to invent a new type of governance, both...

Jeff Koons, un homme de confiance
Son | France | 2002

Jeff Koons is undoubtedly the most famously controversial artist today. Whereas American public institutions and art collectors have long ago established him as Warhol's successor, many Europeans still consider him only as an opportunist and an...