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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Manouche i vago
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2005

Blaireau, Moumouc and their children live in caravans with harnessed horses like their ancestors did during centuries. These nomadic gypsies let us know about their everyday life: the family's organisation, the manufacture and the sale of baskets,...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Dernière Coulée
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2003

The Sonofoque ironworks at Flers-de-l’Orme was specialised in guttering plates. After a century’s existence, it finally closed down at the end of 2002. The film, shot during the final months of operations, follows the entire production line...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Gitans d'ici ou d'ailleurs
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2000

These "Gypsies from here or elsewhere" are perhaps the ones who camp near you – or perhaps not. It doesn’t matter, these neighbours of a day are also neighbours of always ; and the boundaries that separate us are above all those of...