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Le Ventre de la montagne
Son | France | 2021

Le 24 mars 2015, un avion s’écrase avec 150 passagers dans les Alpes, juste à côté de chez moi. Je comprends à ce moment-là que le paysage ne sera plus jamais le même. La mort s’est infiltrée à l’intérieur. Je regarde, j’écoute,...

Nous disons révolution
Son | France | 2021

"Let’s Say Revolution" is a shamanic documentary whose common thread is manhunt across eras and continents and whose driving force is dance as an art of war and healing to ward off, and organize the resistance of bodies and souls. From Barcelona...

Une folle journée
Montage | France | 2021

Villingen, a small medieval town asleep in the winter. They are thousands to display the same juvenile and smiling mask. They are called the "Narros", the "Fools". For two days the city belongs to them.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Babyracer
Son | France | 2021

What a fun idea to drive in circles on a closed road at 300 km/h. A crazy idea and yet so natural. The idea of the world, with its chemistry (sensations), its physics (materials and forces), its history (family and politics), its "religion"... its...

Ailleurs, Partout
Son | Belgique | 2020

A room, somewhere in England. a computer screen, images from all over the world. One click is all it takes to cross borders, whereas the tale of another journey unfolds in bits and pieces, through text messages, chats, phone conversations, and an...

Tapis rouge
Son | France | 2020

It's summer on the Champs Elysées. Money is everywhere, it could spread like perfume but it wouldn't cut across boundaries of social belonging and class. Some stories are told between luxury neon coloured sport cars and flashes of the last photo...

Tsuma Musume Haha
Son | France | 2019

Can a life size doll, an avatar or an artificial intelligence truly love you? Through unilateral love stories between humans and non-humans, the film explores different attempts to be in the world and draws a picture of Japan’s future.

La Mer du milieu
Son | France | 2019

"La Mer du milieu" est un film de la Méditerranée d’aujourd’hui dont les images proviennent de webcams disponibles sur Internet installées sur le pourtour du bassin méditerranéen, au bord des plages, par les offices de tourisme, les...

Bêtes en miettes
Son | France | 2019

Winter 2018, Amsterdam, constellation of the Dog. I run through seventeen kilometers of archives looking for beasts. Six hundred and twenty-three fragments of silent film, anonymous images assembled by the EYE film institute under the title...

Les Spectres sonores de Phill Niblock
Son | France | 2019

The film questions eight years of one of the popes of minimalist music, a major figure to drone music. From his New York loft, a real lab that is both his home and his emblematic public concert hall since the sixties, we end up in the suburbs of...

27 films